RedBooster LHD TD5 Kit        

We all know the TD5 has a very tough clutch, which works for when you are out in the brush, but in the city this wonderful clutch becomes a hassle and tiresome activity. Early 2018 I was told that if I use an inline servo I could ease the clutch pedal stiffness, it did till I went on a long drive. The servo mistook an hot expanding clutch fluid for clutch activation, and I lost all movement from my vehicle. I found all the clutch fluid had been pushed forward towards the slave and the reservoir was bone dry.   I got in touch with Andrew from RedBooster, and he had just finished a kit for LHD vehicles.
Shipping took a while, but that wasn’t his fault, the shipping company didn’t enter my address correctly.
Everything came in and we went straight away to installation, as well as an upgraded to a single mass clutch for my new 15P TD5 engine.We ran into a small issue with a brake line between the master and slave, which was resolved with a custom locally made hose. We took extra precautions and installed a check valve between the pump and tank, which was a mistake on our part. We found the clutch pedal feel was not as smooth as glass, especially in heavy traffic situations. We shortened the hoses, removed the extra check valve, and now the system is working flawlessly. I sat in creeping gridlock traffic for three hrs and my clutch worked flawlessly as it should. Nice and light, like a modern vehicle. My left leg felt comfortable and wasn’t under any strain. I am looking to swap some of the rubber hose for Aluminum piping to give it more long term protection, and maintain higher vacuum.   Today I drive my reconditioned Defender with pride and confidence, even up to speeds of 140kph.
Big Thank you to Andrew at RedBooster for his perfectly engineered clutch booster.

Best Regards
Manaf J Hoss
Owner of 2000 LR Defender in Kuwait