Vacuum hoses should be fitted in this manor, See the top photo to explain, From the vacuum pump the black hose goes to the brake servo, we cut the line and feed one end to the tank oneway valve and the other to the tank pipe.

then near the brake servo we cut the line which goes to the brake servo and fit the pipe supplied, it has 3 sides, the 9.5 side goes the the clutch servo and the other 2 goes and fits the pipe you cut ( the 2 sides one to brake servo pipe and other to the tank side. . See the length before you cut the pipes.. like for example near the brake servo oneway valve you must leave 6cm so that you can fit the supplied hose. 

Make sure bracket fits to the power steering bracket First, Then send the tank into the wing fit the bracket to the tank and then fit it to the power steering bracket. then tighten the 3 nuts.

Power steering bracket holding possition.

The second bracket fits over the td5 vacuum relay solenoid if you have this part. otherwise straight to the wing.

Make sure the second bracket fits the td5 vacuum relay solenoid first this may need adjusting to fit like photo.

Tighten all nuts the fit the other bolt like the next photo.

Tank fitted

Tank with brackets