Hi just a short note, I've owned my 90 200tdi for 14 years now and all that time I have put up with a very hard/stiff clutch, I use my 90 for towing it's had 3 clutches in my ownership I've thought of a servo before but never got round to it. I contacted RedBooster after I broke the cartilage in my left knee in April this year. The Red Booster was ordered on a Monday and delivered to my door on the following Thursday morning, it took me from start to finish 2.5 hrs to fit.
It fitted perfect and the result is unbelievable I can push the clutch down with my little finger and the clutch is more controllable perfect! I would like to thank Andrew at REDBOOSTER for all his help and now I do not have to sell my new Land Rover 90.

Chris Klenk